Silver and Gold Foil Notes: Affordable, Beautiful and Thrilling Additions to Any Collection

One innovation that caused widespread ripples and collector excitement in the hobby over the last few years has been the advent of the foil note. These offerings are a great way to own precious metals due to their unique characteristics, lower price point and strong collector interest in the various subjects depicted on the foils. If you are stumped for a great and unique gift idea this Holiday Season, look no further than Gold and Silver Foil Notes.

These innovative offerings are stunningly beautiful and feature a wide variety of subject matter including Star WarsStar TrekDisney characters, wildlife in the Tanzanian gold foils, Famous Skylines, as well as comic books and super heroes are all available for your consideration. There are even offerings that resemble U.S. Federal Reserve Notes. The notes have brilliant uncirculated, proof and proof-like finishes in addition to colorized images.

These foils are an affordable numismatic luxury. They have a modest amount of metal, typically pressed into a fragile, paper-thin foil. They are available protected in the original display packaging from the mint. They can also be graded and preserved by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) or Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) depending on the size and format of the offering – both companies are part of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).  These offerings also typically have low mintages, bear a face value and are legal tender in the country backing the offering.


New Zealand Mint Star Wars Silver Foil Notes 


Many of these popular foils have been struck by the world famous New Zealand Mint for the tiny Pacific Island nation of Niue. They have remarkable reverse images from many movies in the Star Wars saga. Some of the larger format offerings have original movie poster images and some of the smaller notes feature our favorite characters including Luke SkywalkerChewbacca and Han Solo, R2-D2 and C-3P0 as well as Darth Vader, and Princess Leia. The obverses of these offerings feature the timeless image of Queen Elizabeth II, as designed by British artist and sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley.  The Force is strong with these notes.

Cook Islands Famous Skylines Silver Foil Notes


This remarkable series is simply beautiful. Brought to you by the famous Mayer Mint GmbH in Germany and the South Pacific nation of the Cook Islands these offerings are 5 grams of .999 fine silver and feature a low mintage of only 5,000 notes per issue. Destinations include world class cities like Toronto, London, Sydney, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo and Paris. These are stunning offerings for your budding world traveler. 


mickey note 300

Disney Silver Foil Notes


These offerings feature our iconic Disney characters in the beloved Mickey and Friends series, a Disney Princess series and a unique Chinese Lunar series featuring Disney Characters. These fun offerings would be great for your Disney collector family members. These are also stuck by the New Zealand Mint and feature the Queen on the obverses.

buffalo foil notebuffalo foil note

Tanzanian Big 5 Foil Notes


Also struck by the Mayer Mint GmbH in Germany and backed by the African nation of  Tanzania is a series in .999 fine gold with impossibly low mintages of 1,500 each. The reverses feature the “Big 5” game animals native to Tanzania: the Elephant, the Rhino, the Lion, the Leopard and the African Buffalo. You can bag these trophies from the safety of your arm chair and laptop!

map notemap note

Other Unique Foil Note Inventory!


Other silver foil notes with strong collector appeal include the 2018 Cook Islands Historical Maps Universalis Cosmographia 30 g Silver Prooflike $5 Foil Note Coin featuring a low 1,500 mintage and the 2018 Niue Star Trek: The Original Series – Captain James T. Kirk Foil Note 5 g Silver $1 Coin in GEM Proof condition and in the Original Government Packaging. The Universalis Cosmographia is the groundbreaking map from 1507 which pictures the New World and uses the word “America” for the first time—a stunning gift for your family historian or for your study. The Star Trek Captain Kirk foil note honors one of the most iconic heroes in the history of T.V., movies and science fiction, Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk….a logical choice for humans AND Vulcans alike.


As stated earlier, foil notes offer legal tender collectibles, low mintages, thrilling subject matter and a vehicle for precious metals ownership.  They are affordable and are a good way to introduce the concepts of scarcity and numismatic rarity, grading, as well as precious metals, to kids and other collectors by celebrating some of their favorite outside interests.  

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