Should you touch your silver coins?

Ever wanted to know if it's ok to touch your silver coins? Get up-to-date information and reliable answers to your bullion and precious metals related questions here at ModernCoinMart's Complete Bullion Resource Center.

Experts generally discourage the handling of silver coins with your bare hands. The oils and sweat from your skin can cause the metal to tarnish over time, which could reduce the coin’s value, particularly if it’s a numismatic (collector’s) coin.

It’s recommended that you handle silver coins by their edges to avoid fingerprints appearing on either face of the coin. When handling these coins, it’s best practice to clean your hands thoroughly or use gloves, typically vinyl or cotton, to prevent oils from your skin from contacting the precious metal. Furthermore, it’s advised not to eat or drink around your coins to avoid potential spills or food residues from damaging them.

In summary, while touching bullion coins frequently might not be harmful, handling all silver coins carefully is generally recommended to maintain their condition and value.

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