Roman Empire, Random Billon Nummus (3rd-5th Centuries AD) NGC AU with Ancient Roman Glass Beads


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Why add a Random Roman Empire Billon Nummus to your collection?

Emperor Diocletian’s currency reform of 294 AD, which utilized the previous Augustan system as a guide, introduced five new coins into circulation, including the silver plated bronze Billon Nummus. The coin, sometimes referred to as a follis or centenionalis, suffered many reductions in size, weight and silver content from the 3rd-5th Centuries AD.

Traditional Designs of the Roman Imperial Billon Nummus

A laureate, draped portrait of the issuing Emperor typically adorns the obverse, surrounded by a legend naming the Emperor along with his title.

Reverse imagery was commonly used as a means to demonstrate the strength and power of the regime, depicting illustrious accounts of military victories and various patriotic themes.

NGC Graded About Uncirculated

Each coin in this random collection of 3rd-5th Century AD Roman Imperial Billon Nummus, has been graded About Uncirculated (AU), comparable to 50-53 on the Sheldon Scale, by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation’s ancient coin experts, NGC Ancients. Presented in a labeled NGC holder, the circulated coin will display fully detailed images and inscriptions, with light wear on more than half of the highest points of the design. The coin is uniquely paired with an assortment of authentic 3rd-5th Century AD Ancient Roman Glass Beads, which would make an extraordinary gift for any collector of ancient artifacts!

Don’t delay, add this magnificent double treasure from the 3rd-5th Century AD to your cart now! Purchase an Ancient Roman Imperial Nummus and Glass Bead set from MCM!

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