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Why buy this Golden State Mint 5 oz Silver Aztec Calendar Round?

Few countries can compare to Mexico in terms of combining two rich, ancient heritages. Today, the country prides itself on both its Spanish and native influences, especially that of the Aztecs. In fact, its national soccer stadium is called “Estadio Azteca.” Now, Golden State Mint honors Mexico’s ancient native culture with this 5 oz. silver Aztec Calendar Round. The round is based on the Aztec Calendar Stone, which is held in Mexico City’s Anthropology Museum.

Breathtaking Aztec Calendar Design

The obverse features a stunning reproduction of the Aztec Calendar Stone, which dates back roughly to the year 1500 AD. Tonatiuh, the Aztec sun god, is at the center. His tongue is represented by a sacrificial blade, and he holds human hearts in both of his hands. He is surrounded by 20 symbols, which represent the days of the Aztec month, as well as four arrows that point in the cardinal directions.

Cuauhtemōc, the last Aztec Emperor of Tenochtitlan, is depicted at the center of the reverse. He was killed in 1525 by the order of Hernando Cortes. Today, Cuauhtemōc features on Mexican bank notes and in many paintings, maintaining a central place in the country’s culture and heritage. “FIVE TROY OUNCES” arches over his left-side portrait, while “999 FINE SILVER” is included below it.

Don’t miss your chance to own this 5 oz Silver Golden State Mint Aztec Calendar Round.

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