1979-S U.S. Proof Coin Set (Type 1) GEM Proof OGP


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Why Add This 1979-S U.S. Type 1 Proof Set to Your Collection?

The 1979 U.S. Mint proof set was the first proof set to contain a Susan B. Anthony dollar. The SBA dollar was introduced in 1979. The type 1 and type 2 proof sets from 1979 are determined by the SBA dollar in the set. The type 1 1979 proof sets contain a type 1 Susan B. Anthony dollar. The type 2 proof set contains a type 2 SBA dollar. The difference between the type 1 and type 2 versions of the SBA dollar is the appearance of the Mint mark. Type 1 coins are the majority, but type 2 coins have a better defined “S” Mint mark and are more valuable due to their lower mintage.

This 1979-S U.S. proof set contains 6 coins total. By denomination, the largest is a type 1 Susan B. Anthony dollar. The “S” Mint mark on this coin has a filled appearance. This set also contains a Kennedy half, Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, and Lincoln cent. These coins are in GEM proof condition but may show signs of age. This set is in its original Mint packaging and the packaging may be imperfect. Order a 1979-S U.S. type 1 proof set for your collection while you can!

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U.S. Mint



Country of Manufacture

United States

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Mint Mark

San Francisco



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Issuing Country

United States