Representing the best of the best in U.S. Mint coinage, Proof Silver Eagles display dramatic high-relief details, distinctive mirror-like backgrounds and frosted, sculpted foregrounds that make each coin’s obverse and reverse designs come alive – unlike anything you would ever find in your pocket change.

Proofs are the pinnacle of the minting art, requiring a considerable amount of preparation at the Mint. First, special dies are intricately engraved to ensure the coins obtain their ultimate finish. Next, specially manufactured planchets (blanks) are cleaned and polished. Then, each proof is struck under intense pressure two or more times. After striking, each coin is individually inspected, and those with imperfections caused by production are discarded. The result is spectacular.

Experts agree that the great collections of tomorrow are built on today’s finest proof coins! Accompanied by a perfect 70 or near-perfect 69 grade from NGC or PCGS, the intrinsic precious metal value of these desirable Silver Eagles is further enhanced.

Whether you’re adding to your own personal silver hoard, or looking for a past-year or current American Silver Dollar Proof to celebrate a noteworthy birthday, graduation, wedding, or