The Shire Post Mint is a small, family-run Mint located in the state of Arkansas. They began in 2001 as a hobby, when the owner bought his first antique coin press. The Mint specializes in licensed fantasy coinage and original designs like gaming tokens and decision makers. The Mint creates high quality, solid metal coins using techniques from the 1800s and earlier, such as hand-engraved steel dies. They strike a single coin at a time on antique machinery.

They now work with many best-selling fantasy and speculative fiction authors to create coins, Medals and Tokens featured in, or inspired by, Movies and Entertainment. The licensed coins produced are from the following works: “A Game of Thrones,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “The Hobbit,” “The Wheel of Time,” “Mistborn,” “The Kingkiller Chronicle,” “The Demon Cycle,” “Conan the Barbarian,” “John Carter of Mars,” and “The Saga of Recluce.”

The Shire Post Mint has been featured in Time Magazine, on PBS,, and in Art insider.