In addition to its vintage Gold Coins like the Gold Pound and the British Gold Sovereign, and its signature Gold Bullion Coin The Krugerrand, South Africa has struck a number of different gold coins over the years.

The Gold Protea features different example of the large colorful flower that is an icon of South Africa. Most Protea coins are minted in 91.7 (22 carat) gold. The flower is on the obverse and the reverse is reserved for various coin designs such as the presidential inauguration and the 300-year anniversary of the Huguenots in South Africa. Some Protea coins have been struck in .9999 fine gold. Among the most spectacular and popular gold series ever minted, few stand out as much as the Natura series from South Africa. Each year the Natura proofs feature one of South Africa’s iconic wild animals. The program started in 1994 and the first five years feature Africa’s “Big 5” animals: The lion (1994), The Rhinoceros (1995), The Elephant (1996), The Buffalo (1997) and the Leopard (1998). Natura Gold Coins are struck in One-Tenth Troy Ounce, One-Quarter Troy Ounce, One-Half Troy Ounce and One Troy Ounce of .9999 “Four Nines” pure South Africa gold. The series has won countless awards over the years, and many believe these coins to be among the most beautiful ever struck anywhere.

South Africa changed greatly during the life of Nelson Mandela, and in 2014 The South Africa Mint began a 12-year series honoring Nelson Mandela including gold proofs for each year.