The Royal Canadian Mint issued its first modern gold coin in 1967, a $20 Proof celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation.

Beginning in 1976, the Mint issued gold coins in $100 denominations on an annual basis. The 1976 coin commemorates the Montreal Olympic Games. Other $100 coins of note are the 1981 $100 National Anthem, 1985 National Parks, and 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. The 1997 $200 Haida Gold Proof was awarded the Best Coin Award at the 1997 Singapore International Coin Show.

In 2000, the Mint released its milestone Lunar $175 Gold Year of the Dragon Proof. Since then, the Mint has become a world leader in Lunar Gold Coins, striking some of the most sought after in the world. These Lunar coins now feature numismatic innovations as holograms and scalloped shapes.

With the arrival of the Winter Olympic Games at Vancouver in 2012, the Mint produced a series of gold commemoratives. The most notable of these releases being the 1 Kilo gold coin with a denomination of $2,500. This release is the first time the Mint has issued a pure gold coin with a guaranteed weight of 1 kilogram.

Over the last few years, the Mint has pioneered new areas of numismatics, minting coins with gold content and denominations. These coins offer a unique blend of precious metal and currency value; nearly every issue sells out quickly after it is released.