Last year we were honored to be selected as the exclusive distributor for the 2021 ANA Show Panda Proofs, officially licensed by the ANA. We are excited to also be the distributor for the 2022 Show Pandas – only this time with an exciting twist!


Complete Chicago’s Skyline with a One-Year-Only Design
This year’s show is being held just outside of Chicago. For 2022 the reverse design completes the scene from the Proofs issued for the 2021 ANA World’s Fair of Money (which was also held near Chicago). When the two medals are put side by side, the picturesque scene of the skyline and Navy Pier match up for an extended view of the city. On the obverse, the Panda cub is nestled near the ANA’s official seal (which is colored gold), with 2022 and the Proof’s specifications along the outer rim. The obverse mimics the Panda design that was issued by the China Mint in 2014.

Struck in China
Because of the connection to the China Mint’s Panda-series coinage, each 2022 ANA Show Panda is struck in Shanghai, China and imported specially for the event.


Extremely Limited Mintages
The 2022 ANA Show Pandas are being released with very limited “Lucky 8” mintages of just 888 silver, 88 gold and 88 platinum proofs. The inclusion of platinum is always exciting given this is a metal not often seen on Panda-series numismatic collectibles struck in China. Since 1984, China has been producing special commemorative proofs for international numismatic shows. The releases have become extremely popular among collectors not only because of their beautiful designs but also because of their exclusivity.


Secure Your 2022 ANA Pandas
Show attendees will get the first opportunity to purchase these highly sought-after ANA Show Panda Proofs. Stop by our booth 1316 early and you can secure yours during the event. If you’re not able to attend the ANA Show this year, please call us after for availability!

1-888-201-7096 Offer Code ANA22

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